Advice on the protection of domain names

“We carry out on your behalf all of the formalities needed for the purposes of searching, reserving and renewing domain names, in all configurations. An internet domain name enables identification on the worldwide web. Although, strictly speaking, a domain name does not constitute an industrial property right, its reservation and use confer rights on its proprietor and are liable to give rise to disputes with third parties.

Our mission is to carry out on your behalf all of the formalities needed for the purposes of searching, reserving and renewing domain names, and to provide you with guidance in relation to your decisions on possible extension.”

Filing a domain name

“A domain name enables your company, a trademark or a product to be identified and is a real intangible asset. The filing of a domain name enables you to protect your brand image or your creations against fraudulent registrations or inappropriate usages.

To prevent these activities and to help you to commercially exploit an internet address, we help you to select and register a domain name. We evaluate the opportunities for reservation and the extensions to select and check availability. We draw up a strategy based on the desired presence on the internet, as there are many requirements that depend on the particular business sector, and this is why our industrial property attorneys adapt in accordance with your interests. “

Transfer and renewal of domain names

We advise you throughout the lifetime of the domain name – in the context of a change of host and its transfer, and in renewals and the putting in place of redirections. It is also possible to reinstate a domain name if its renewal has been forgotten and to purchase domain names that are already used.

Domain name audit

An audit of your domain names lets you know in what ways your internet addresses are used and also what abuses they may potentially be subject to.

As they mutate, domain names have been able to be fragmented and used in various ways. The creation of a proper inventory is therefore indispensable.

The audit also enables searches of prior rights to be carried out on the domain names and their extensions in order that purchase or sale negotiations can then be initiated.

Defence of internet rights

Our firm is familiar with the issues raised by the internet and offers you solutions so that you can defend your interests. The protection begins with monitoring of identical or similar domain names. In the event of abusive or fraudulent practices, our legal experts will advise you and initiate judicial and arbitral proceedings to recover domain names, and act immediately.