Software protection advice

Software per se is excluded from patentability. However, the INPI and the EPO grant patents over software if it contributes to a technical invention and meets the conditions for patentability. In addition, software can be protected by copyright. While a patent protects the functions fulfilled by the software, copyright for its part covers the lines of code of the software.

Our mission: to guide you in choosing the protection of your software in all countries.

Acquisition of rights and filing

As far as intellectual property is concerned, software can be protected by a copyright which permits its holder to exploit it in full. We will provide you with recommendations in relation to filing and the search for prior rights to ensure that you benefit from the best possible protection and can defend your rights over your creations.
Software is generally covered by the standard rules of copyright. Its protection applies to application software, software packages, the structure and architecture of the software, its documentation and its source code…

Use and transfer of intellectual property relating to software

We will advise you on and draft software usage licences and agreements for the assignment of rights. Our legal experts specialise in particular in industrial property. Our expertise is recognised in France and overseas, where we have a network of colleagues. As a reflection of our commitment to offering you the best possible advice, we offer our clients qualified and technically experienced patent engineers and legal specialists.

Infringement of software

We will assist you with pre-contentious and contentious procedures before the competent bodies. It is possible to prepare software-infringement actions in order to promote an amicable settlement. Our legal specialists can also assist you with proceedings via the criminal route. Penalties for infringement can range from cessation of dissemination to a seizure by a bailiff. The law as it pertains to software also applies on the internet.