Copyright protection

Le Guen & Associés and its intellectual property attorneys support and assist you with the protection and defence of your copyrights. Our area of expertise covers France, Europe and further oversea by virtue of privileged partnerships. Copyright covers all creative spheres such as fashion, music, photography, images and software. We analyse your needs together in order to define the best protection strategy to adopt, after having carried out the necessary searches.

Why obtaining protection?

Putting in place a strategy for protecting your rights means that you can retain intellectual property and physical ownership of a work. It means that you can rely on protection in the context of any pre-litigation procedures or litigation itself, and can exploit your creation.

We carry out an audit of the protection of your creations in order to put in place the tools needed to obtain proof of the date of your creations. Under certain circumstances, a copyright can be doubly protected with a trademark, a design right or a patent, in order to guarantee complete protection thereof.

Valuing your copyrights

To enable you to value your works, our staff drafts licensing agreements or assignment agreements and specific contractual obligations. They assist you with the steps necessary for valuing and effectively defending your rights.
We determine together the type of contract which is most suitable within an overall strategy and advise you on solutions that enable your rights to be contractually secured in accordance with your interests.

Defending your copyrights

We actively look after the maintenance of your copyrights in France and overseas by virtue of our cooperation with numerous partners. In the event of disputes, we assist you throughout all pre-litigation and litigation phases.

If necessary, we advise you on follow-up measures that need to be taken, and potentially on initiation of administrative and judicial proceedings and of infringement actions before the competent courts.